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21 October 2019

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RECENTLY STOLEN Victorian Sphelter Figure Of Hero Quentin Durward
VICTORIAN SPHELTER FIGURINE INSCRIBED ON BASE ‘ Quentin Durward ‘.[ Refelted underneath in green fabric ]
Quentin Durward, set in fifteenth-century France, was Scott's first fictional venture onto the continent of Europe. Scott's earliest reference to the novel occurs in a letter of 10 November 1822 to the London-based actor and theatre manager Daniel Terry.
Quentin Durward portrays a power-struggle between the Duchy of Burgundy and the Holy Roman Empire for possession of the thriving merchant city of Liège in modern-day Belgium. It is set, however, in the wider context of Louis XI's efforts to establish the French monarchy as a centralizing force in a modern nation-state. The collapse of powerful feudal dominions sees the emergence of new trading classes but also the emergence of predatory local barons and decline of the spirit of chivalry.
The plot centres on the rivalry between Louis XI of France and Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy. Louis incites the citizens of Liège to revolt against Charles, and, under the command of Louis's ally, William De La Marck, they seize and murder Charles's brother-in-law, the Bishop of Liège. At the time of the murder Louis is at Charles's camp at Peronne, hoping to fool him with a false display of friendship. Charles, though, sees through his pretence, accuses him of instigating the uprising, and has him imprisoned. Louis's superior coolness of mind permits him to allay Charles's suspicions and to regain his liberty. In a sub-plot, the Burgundian heiress Isabelle de Croye takes refuge at Louis's court when Charles attempts to give her hand in marriage to his odious favourite Campo-Basso. Louis, in turn, resolves to give her in marriage to de la Marck, and sends her to Flanders under the pretence of placing her under the protection of the Bishop of Liège. She is guarded on her journey by Quentin Durward, an archer, who has left behind poverty in Scotland to join Louis's Scottish Guard. Quentin prevents the intended treachery and earns Isabelle's love. Charles, though, promises her in marriage to the Duke of Orleans (heir to the French crown) but she refuses, and, in anger, the Duke promises her to whoever brings him the head of De La Marck. This Quentin does with the help of his uncle, Ludovic Lesley, and wins Isabelle's hand.
MEASUREMENTS: Height 16 Inches / Diameter 6 Inches
CONDITION : All in excellent Order with no damage.
DELIVERY: UK Mainland Add £35 [ Next Day Recorded ]

RECENTLY STOLEN AROUND 4 - 6th May 2019 From Property In Leicester.
May Have Been Sold At Quorn Car Boot
TELEPHONE: 07765 856171. [ Payment By Bank Transfer OR Pay-Pal ]
Ref: 0827
Price: £295
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An extremely well modelled sphelter military soldier on horseback delivering a scroll message.

A substantial example with amazing detail in the casting process.A good colour and all original,not having been cleaned at all.

The piece sits firmly on a good solid oblong base.

Measurements are from tail to nose 16 Inches and is 18 Inches in Height.The base measures 12" x 5.5".The Depth is 8 Inches from riders foot to foot.

The condition is excellent with no damage.
There should be a fine braided wire rein which is not attached.This would have been removable and not part of the main sphelter.

Ref: 0065
This item has been sold


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